Technology at Ezell-Harding

Ezell-Harding Christian School is committed to training our students for the unknown jobs of the future. It is our aim to give our students both the knowledge they will need today and the skills they will need in the future.


Because of this desire, we began an initiative in 2014 to put technology into the hands of every student at EHCS. This initiative has been a great success for our school. Thanks to the Chromebook and Google Apps for Education, our students have been able to collaborate, learn, and search like never before. Our teachers have been able to communicate better and encourage our students to dig deeper in their research. From online vocabulary to videos of faith conversations, we are proud and amazed at what our students can do with their Chromebooks.


Come, Collaborate and Learn with us!


Students from 2 years old through 2nd grade use Dell Venue 10 tablets in the Classroom.  These tablets run Android Apps which can be pushed out by the individual teacher.  These devices stay in the classroom.  Each student has access to his or her own tablet throughout the year.

1st-4th Grades

Students in 1st through 4th grade use a Google Chromebook in their classroom.  They have daily access to a personal Chromebook with their own Google Drive to store files.  This Google Apps for Education account will allow them to keep files through 12th grade at Ezell-Harding and beyond.

5th -12th Grades

Starting in 5th grade, students are issued a Google Chromebook to use daily and take home for outside assignments and homework.  The Chromebook is a cloud based laptop that fully utilizes the students Google Apps for Education account through Ezell-Harding.