Ezell-Harding Christian School ranks among the most “elite” private schools in Nashville for academic performance and rigor.

With a robust curriculum aimed toward critical thought and interdisciplinary processing, students from EHCS achieve much higher test scores than the state and national average.

On average, our elementary and middle school students test at double their grade equivalent on the standardized Stanford Achievement Test.

  • High school students complete their education with the opportunity to attain more than 30 hours of college credit through Advanced Placement and Dual-Enrollment courses; 33% of our most recent class earned college credit through these courses.

  • 100% of graduates were accepted to accredited colleges, universities and other post-secondary programs.


Ezell-Harding Christian School is a profitable investment of time and tuition dollars. Private education comes with a sacrifice of time and finances, and Ezell-Harding students are seeing large returns on their families’ investment.

  • The 2015 senior class was awarded $1.84 million in scholarships to attend college or university study.

      • 94% of them received scholarship.

      • 100% of them were admitted to college.

  • Over the past ten years, at least one student from each graduating class has been selected as a National Merit and Achievement Finalist, Semifinalist, or Commended Scholar.


Ezell-Harding Christian School is committed to winning! Whether you excel in the classroom or kicking a field goal, hitting a jump shot or documenting the victory from behind a camera, playing a syncopated rhythm or singing Handel, Ezell-Harding can help you reach your goals. 

  • Ezell-Harding Christian School boasts a well-developed competitive athletic department with state titles in nearly every TSSAA sport.

      • Our student athletes play Football, Soccer, Golf, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Bowling, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, and Track.

      • EHCS Softball team has 13 state championships

  • EHCS students don’t only compete on the field.

      • Student-athletes as well as non-athletes form the Champion Quiz Bowl team.

      • EHCS students compete in fine arts with choral and instrumental ensembles but also in mathematics and technology.

      • At every step, student directors and producers document the classroom and extracurricular successes as a part of our TSSAA Broadcasting Team.


Ezell-Harding Christian School is comprised of a caring and highly trained faculty.
  • Faculty members are committed to lifelong learning within the disciplines they instruct. However, faculty relations do not only consist of instruction. 

  • The teachers at EHCS show genuine interest in the students’ lives, personal growth and development.

  • Seen regularly at ballgames and fine arts events, the teachers at EHCS display their commitment to students through generous giving and mentorship.


Ezell-Harding Christian School is distinctively different from a standard academic curriculum with the addition of Bible and chapel. Our students are trained to see God in the fabric of all disciplines and fields of study.
  • From the Fibonacci spiral pattern of the pinecone and snail shell to the amazing metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, students at Ezell-Harding explore God’s handiwork in mathematics, science, and all things that surround us in our world.

  • Chapel services are held every Monday and Thursday in addition to daily Bible classes at every grade level.

  • As a part of faith formation, EHCS students participate in campus-wide and organizational service projects. From clothing drives to yard raking, students are able to live out their faith in a loving community.