Middle School

Middle School

EHCS Middle School’s goal is to help our students develop the skills needed to be life-long learners and productive citizens. Our students consistently test above grade level, some even at the post high school level. In the middle school we are blessed to have Bible class every day as one of the core classes along with English, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Our goal is that a student will have studied the entire Bible by the time they finish 8thgrade.


  All Middle School Students are randomly placed in one of four Houses where they will remain throughout Middle School.  This system provides a community that encourages students to support each other as they build relationships across grade levels.


Middle School students have the opportunity to culivate creativity by participating in band, chorus, or our fine arts programs.  Through the arts students students learn the joy of creation linking them intimately to the Creator.


Students are invited to connect constantly through many clubs and organizations. Addtionally, students spend time together outside the class on Class Trips.


5th & 6th:Cumberland Caverns

7th: Land Between the Lakes

8th: Washington, DC