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Since 1971

Ezell-Harding Christian School exists to teach young people God’s revealed will to man through the Bible and to encourage them to grow and mature in the likeness of Christ.

A Brief History of Ezell-Harding Christian School

A group of Christians met a number of times in 1971 and 1972 with the great dream of establishing a Christian school in the south Nashville area. A Board was selected and concerted efforts were made to raise funds, find a building site and select personnel. A beautiful 23-acre site was located on Bell Road, which Mr. Houston Ezell had given to Harding College, Searcy, Arkansas. Mr. Ezell proposed to give Harding College another tract of land if Harding College would give the Bell Road land to the new school. Harding College agreed, and it was decided to name the school for the Ezell family and James A. Harding, who was an outstanding preacher and educator. The school campus is currently in excess of 30 acres.

The Tusculum Church of Christ helped in realizing the dream by offering use of its building for the first school year of operation, 1973-74. With a staff of eight, the first six grades were conducted with some eighty students.

Thanks to many, including a hard working building committee, the great dream came into fuller realization when in its second year Ezell-Harding Christian School began operating in the new modern building on Bell Road with seven grades. Two hundred seventeen students enrolled and a staff of fourteen was employed. The Elementary School facility consisted of sixteen classrooms, a large multi-purpose room and offices. The High School facility was partially finished for the school year 1976-77 and completed for the school year 1977-78. The Whorley Activity Center, (including the gymnasium and music room) the science building and paving of the driveways and parking areas were completed during the 1978-79 school year. These modern facilities were completed with carpeting, acoustical tile ceilings, fluorescent lighting, heating, air conditioning and were of fireproof construction. Lights for the athletic field and a 2000 seat stadium were completed in 1980. When the school year 1982-83 began, the students had access to a new elementary library.

In 1984, Phase I of the Middle School was completed which included four classrooms. Phase II was completed in 1985 which included a gymnasium and office complex. In the fall of 1987, the entire Middle School complex was opened. A regulation baseball field, track, regulation softball field and a modernly equipped Elementary School playground were completed in 1989 and 1990. The fall of 1993 saw the completion of an administrative building, 6 classrooms, cafeteria and kitchen and the expansion of the High School gymnasium. Completed in the winter of 1995, an addition to the Whorley Activity Center provided coaches’ offices, locker rooms, weight room, and a large facility for PE classes and the extended day care program. In 2004 restroom facilities were added in the area beneath the football stadium. In 2004 the addition of one classroom and a new library were completed. The former self standing library was moved off campus making way for the addition of four additional elementary classrooms.