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FAQs Technology

What is a Chromebook?
The Chromebook is a Web-Only, laptop-like device. It runs Google’s operating system which is essentially and simply Google’s web browser, Chrome. It gives us access to everything on the internet. If you can do it on the internet, you can do it on a Chromebook. It gives us complete access to Google’s Apps through their Chrome Web Store and it integrates completely with Google Docs (Word Processor), Sheets (Spreadsheet), and Slides (Slide Presentation Program). Chromebook Overview ; Chromebook Tech Specs ; Chromebook Gallery
What if the Chromebook is lost or damaged?
EHCS will replace the lost or damaged Chromebook after a reasonable deductable. See the ChromeCare documentation.
Will students be able to take the Chromebook home?
All students will have responsibility of their Chromebook and will need to take it home to charge it and complete assignments. The exception is 5th grade students. 5th Grade students will likely begin taking their Chromebooks home after Christmas.
I don’t want my student to have a Chromebook. Can I opt out?
No, All students must participate in the 1:1 Chromebook program.
I’m concerned about my student accessing inappropriate information on the Internet. What are you doing about that?
The chromebooks will be monitored through a web filter that is installed into the policy settings on the device. No matter where the student is, if they are on their chromebook, they will be filtered from most inappropriate content. No webfilter is perfect so diligence, education, and appropriate consequences are also expected.
Can a student bring in his/her own laptop?
No, unless otherwise required by your child’s teacher. This allows us to dedicate resources (bandwidth, filtering, etc.) for the school issued Chromebooks during school hours.
Do I need to have Internet service at home for this device to work?
YES. The Chromebooks do some things really well but one of their biggest detriments is that they are severely limited (to emails and word processing) without the internet. You will need some sort of wireless internet access at your home.
Are there any low-cost Internet plans for our homes?
Likely, if you meet certain eligibility requirements most ISPs have some assistance or low cost plans available. Also investigate slower speed plans. For almost all assignments the slower broadband internet packages will be more than sufficient. Comcast has options starting around $20 a month ($10 a month if you meet certain income requirements)
When we graduate from high school can we keep the Chromebook that was issued?
Yes. When your child graduates from EHCS the Chromebook is yours. If your child leaves Ezell-Harding for any other reason prior to graduation the Chromebook can be purchased for a fair-market value at that point.
Can you use a wireless mouse with the Chromebook?
Yes, any USB mouse should work with a Chromebook.
Will faculty or staff be able to access or control the webcam on the Chromebook?
No, not usually. There may be classroom instances where a teacher may assume control of the students Chromebook remotely, but only after that student has opted in. Generally speaking, EHCS will not have access or control of the Webcam on the individual Chromebooks on a day-to-day basis.
Will the Chromebooks get Viruses?
No, virus protection is built into the Chrome Operating System.
Will my child be able to throw away their notebooks of sheet paper?
No, we will still use paper. The Chromebook, like any other educational resource, is not a complete replacement of previous resources but another tool to educate your child.
Will my child take the Chromebook home over the summer?
Yes. Over the summer we intend to allow the students to take the Chromebooks with them.
What if the Chromebook breaks over the summer?

If something happens to your child’s chromebook over the summer you can always email the for assistance. We strongly encourage taking care of breakage as soon as it happens to avoid first-of-the-year delays.

What devices can connect to the wireless network at EHCS?

To preserve bandwidth, only school issued devices may connect to EHCS wireless network during school hours

What if it is broken?

Repairs to your school issued device will be made on campus.  Charges for the repair will be placed on your account.

What if it is lost?

If your device is lost please contact the office and we will walk through the next steps together.

Who owns the Chromebook?

Chromebooks are property of Ezell-Harding Christian School. EHCS will issue a Chromebook to each middle and high school student. A student’s right of possession and use is limited to and conditioned upon full and complete compliance with the following:

    • Completion of Student Orientation Training Session (held during the school day)

    • Submission of signed Student/Parent Chromebook Agreement

    • Adherence to EHCS’s Acceptable Use Policy

    • Each Chromebook is managed by Ezell-Harding Christian School through EHCS’s Google Apps for Education Account.

What training will be provided?
  • Students will receive in class training during the school day the day we issue the Chromebooks

  • Teachers will receive training this spring, over the summer, and during in-services

Other Questions?

Email us any unanswered questions at we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can.