Eagle Rising Initiative


Ezell-Harding has always been and will always be a place that fosters morality and virtue. Develops character and confidence. Provides a sense of being and belonging. A place where students become what they were made to be. A place that puts young hearts, minds and souls on a direct path to their place in this world and beyond. All this in addition to a place that delivers a high quality education that is second to none.  Eagle Rising is a campus-wide improvement initiative that will allow us to continue to be this light on a hill for generations to come. 

We are...

...developing students intellectually, emotionally, and  spiritually (Student examples HERE)

....maintaining high academic standards with test scores among the best in the state.

...looking toward a better, brighter future for our staff, faculty, community and, most importantly, our students

...helping students navigate their futures with Christ-centered guidance  (Examples of Alumni HERE)


Importance of Faith:

Faith in students. Faith in lifelong learning. Faith in our FUTURE.

The anchor for all of this and, in fact, everything Ezell-Harding represents is faith. And it is faith that will propel us forward to a new and exciting era in the rich and storied legacy of our beloved school.

The Future of Ezell-Harding Christian School

Faculty & Staff
The future of Ezell-Harding lives in the faculty. And we are proud to have a very special group of highly qualified people who care deeply about this school, our students and each other; and who are doing great things every day to make Ezell-Harding a learning environment to be cherished.

The future of Ezell-Harding relies on key people in certain roles to ensure that we can deliver on our promise to students and family to the best of our abilities.  These positions are key to the ongoing and future success of EHCS.


  • Guidance Counselors (hired 08/2016)

    • Strengthen relationships with students 

    • Build emotional maturity among students

  • Director of Facilities & Security  (currently searching)

    • Project & facilities management 

    • Oversees campus security

  • Director of Development (currently searching)

    • Manage donations

    • Foster relationships with our community & Churches

    • Direct efforts to carry out vision of EHCS

  • President (currently searching)

    • Executes the vision of the Board of Directors

    • Oversees day-to-day operations


Another important focus in our efforts to provide the best possible learning environment is on facilities that feel modern and fresh.  Updated facilities create a modern learning environment.  It is our goal to provide an environment that is both inviting to future families and up to date with the current practices of safety, security, and education.


Our facility upgrades will be completed in mulitple stages or phases.  Keep scrolling to see the progress on each phase and what you can do to help us!

Phase I

Common Space Refresh - Completed

  • Elementary School

    • New Playground and upgrades​

    • New Lighting and Digital Signage in Eagles' Nest

    • New Furniture in Eagles' Nest

  • Middle School

    • Middle School Lobby Refresh (Flooring, lighting, and painting)​

    • Middle School Lobby Furniture and Digital Signage

    • Refinished and repainted Middle School Gym Floor

  • High School

    • High School Commons Refresh (Flooring, lighting, and painting)​

    • High School Commons Digital Signage and Furniture

    • Refreshed senior courtyard

MS - Flooring 3
MS - Wall Panel 2
MS - Wall Panel 1
MS - Hallway
MS - Gym 3
MS - Gym 2
MS - Gym 1
MS - Furniture 2
MS - Flooring
MS - Flooring 2
HS - Chapel Setup
HS - Technology
HS - Furniture 4
HS - Furniture 3
HS - Furniture 2
HS - Furniture 1
HS - Floor
HS - Concessions
HS - Ceiling 2
HS - Ceiling 1
ES - Playground 5
ES - Playground 4
ES - Playground 3
ES - Playground 2
ES - Playground 1
ES - New Technology
ES - Eagles Nest 2
ES - Eagles Nest
ES - New Technology 2
ES - Lights





Phase II

Exterior Refresh - In-Progress

  • New Entrance Signage

  • Elementary School

    • New Drop-Off Canopy

    • Fresh new paint and Look

  • Middle School

    • New entrance canopy and signage

    • Fresh new paint and style

  • High School

    • Common area extension and canopy

    • New Drop-Off Canopy

    • Central hallway clear-story for added natural light.

    • Fresh new paint

  • New Eagle Plaza connecting the Campus together and creating a new gathering place for athletics, graduation, and guests.

EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 002
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 003
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 004
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 005
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 014
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 016
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 011
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 006





Phase II Captstone

Student Center - Planning

  • Student Center

    • Remodel existing administration building​ to house new campus-wide cafeteria.

    • New glass front extension for added space and light.

  • Administration Space

    • Remodel south end of existing Elementary Building to relocate administration offices.​

  • Relocate and remodel classroom space as needed for Student Center and Administration relocation.

EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 007
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 008
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 005
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 009
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 011
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 012
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 010





Phase III

The Future - Dreaming

EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 013
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 005
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 008
EHCS - Campus Vision_11-04-16 Page 006
  • New Theater?

  • Athletic upgrades?

    • New Field​?

    • New Field-house?

    • New Concessions?

    • New Stadium?

  • The needs of our students will dictate our future upgrades.





Be the Future of Ezell-Harding...

We cannot do this without you.  Tuition only covers 60% of our operating costs.  As we add students and continue regular fundraising we can sustain our physical plant and daily expenses , but this vision for the future cannot happen without the generous support of our Alumni, Friends, and Family.  If EHCS has made an impact on your life please consider giving so that we might continue to be the light on the hill for years to come in Antioch!