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50 Years

at Ezell-Harding

50 Years

Calendar of Events

Mark these dates on your calendar and keep an eagle eye out for additional events.
  • Convocation: 50 Years
  • Homecoming Weekend: Game
    (Oct. 7)
  • Alumnus of the Year/Hall of Fame/Legacy Award Presentations
    (Oct. 8)
  • Alumni Volleyball Games
    (Oct. 8)
  • Cocoa and Carols/Campus Lighting
    (Dec. 1)
  • Alumni Baseball/Softball/Soccer Games
    (Dec. 4)
  • Alumni Basketball Game
    (Dec. 10)
  • Alumni Softball/Baseball/Soccer Games
    (March 4)
  • Alumni/Faculty reunion at EHCS
    (April 1)
  • Golf Scramble
    (April 24)
  • Graduation
    (May 20)
  • Alisa Mitchell
    Barry Tidwell
    Belvia Pruitt
    Brian Snyder
    Burch Anderson
    Carol Hunt
    David and Nan Smith
    David Senn Sr.
    Denny Green
    Dick Hays
    Don Freudenthal
    Don Hutchison
    Don Jenkins
    Elaine Moss
    Emily Clevenger
    Ethan Huffard
    Harry and Geraldine Middleton
    Helen Chisam
    Jason Charlton
    Jeff and Lisa Phillips
    Jeff Rice
    Joey Spann
    John and Janet Adams
    Jon Chaney
    Joy Webb
    Karen Henderson Werner
    Kelli Williams
    Ken Redmond
    Linda Reynolds
    Lisa Smith
    Lynn Wlson
    Marjorie Charlton
    Mike McPherson
    Miles Cotham
    Patsy McGill
    Paula Walters
    Peggy Bebout
    Phyllis Woodard
    Ralph and Martha Mitchell
    Becky Steimle Frasier
    Ronnie and Sharon Sarver
    Ronnie Rummage
    Sam and Diane Lewis
    Steve Flatt
    Teresa Grimes
    Travis Walters
    Virginia Cravens
    Anita Keith
    Mary Margaret Gibson
    Cheryl Lindsey

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